Kooky Craft Diy Paper Figure

11 Dec
Kooky Craft Diy Paper Figure


Cape Coral Rhinestone Cuff Earring – Urban Outfitters

11 Dec
Cape Coral Rhinestone Cuff Earring - Urban Outfitters

Dirt Nasty: Dirt Nasty Script New Era Snapback – Accessories

11 Dec
Dirt Nasty: Dirt Nasty Script New Era Snapback - Accessories



13 May


Hunter S. Thompson

New Year = Resurrecting the blog!

8 Jan

Although fleurdewhitney was short lived and already had two personalities as a Thread magazine blog & my brief fashion blog, I miss it like no other! This year I decided to make my New Years resolution(s) : do something creative everyday, run more, spend less money and bring back my baby blog. And while although the middle two have no started and probably will take awhile to begin, I already have plenty of creative ideas and spend way too much time on my ass on my computer to NOT start up my blog again. Sooo, expect more DIY, outfits, makeup posts (because I’m actually rather boss at it now), random things; pictures, quotes, playlists …like this amazeballs one here 🙂

Young Blood- The Naked And Famous

Punching In A Dream- The Naked And Famous

If You Wanna- The Vaccines

Norgaard- The Vaccines

Post Break-Up Sex- The Vaccines

Four Letter Word- Beady Eye

MIllionaire- Beady Eye

Rearrange- Miles Kane

Drunk Off Your Love- Shwayze & Cisco

One Day- LMFAO

Handle Me- Robyn

Time Machine- Robyn

Dancing On My Own- Robyn

The Scientist (4rchitekt Remix)- Mike Posner

Oh No!- Marina and The Diamonds

You Are Not A Robot- Hoodie Allen (feat. Marina and The Diamonds)

Ambling Alp- Yeasayer

MIchael Jackson- Das Racist

Girl-Das Racist

I Don’t  Wanna Care Right Now – Lupe Fiasco

MoneyGrabber- Fitz and The Tantrums

Houdini- Foster The People

We Are Young- fun.

Bright Lights Bigger City- Cee Lo Green

Midnight City- M83

One- Swedish House Mafia

Miami 2 Ibiza- Swedish House Mafia



Oh, and of course guest blogs from my lovely frannnArends. More or less, I’m just throwing my life on to the internet, have fun.

City on Down

14 Jul

I have no idea what inspired my outfit but whatever, just kind of pictured it in my head & went for it. I spent the day in the city primarily for the free Ted Leo & the Pharmacists concert at South Street Seaport, which was phenomenal. Anyway, I crept around the city like the loner I am, discovered really awesome art prints by this fascinating woman, who used leaves and feathers to create little characters with cutsey names like the one I bought –“Sassy.” Oh & the best part of my day, an ice cream sandwich from Meltbakery–lemon cookies with blueberry ice cream, mouthgasm. They set up shop right under the High Line, one of my new favorite places in NYC.


Had to show off my buddy Elon’s hipster supreme outfit too 🙂

Romper~ Michael Kors

Head thing~ I found it?

Ps. This is by the end of the night so i looked a little rough and then decided to change my hair to Xena warrior princess status.

Used to look nice!

Sunglasses ~ Betsey Johnson
Shoes ~ Baker’s

Bag~ Artifacts ~ Athens, Ohio.

TED LEO~ love you?

I want this entire building to be mine, pizzeria included.


Pink Lady

9 Jul

Another dinner venture, which I so shouldn’t be doing due to my lack of funds, but hey, when in Rome….or when you really want something other than Lean Cuisine….

Since I do not know what other shenanigans we will be getting into tonight, I decided to go a little darker than my usual natural eye makeup. I seem to be getting better at making my eyes look less harsh by only using a fluffy makeup brush. I know there are like a gazillion types of brushes, but I’m all about what’s easiest.

squinty  cat

Black all over the lid ~mostly in the crease, Urban Decay Gunmetal all over the lid, smudgy black liner on top and a little bit underneath & a combo of LashBlastLuxe & Great Lash to make crazy looking eye lashes.

It’s somewhat rainy and chilly, so I need to dive into the awkward territory of shorts & a long sleeve top, but I think this works well….


~oh well, lazy~

sleeeeves, mmmm.

Meh, and the shoes… I love these. I don’t particularly care that this looks a tad bit wintery, me likeeeeey. And cheetah print shorts, hello, you’re fantastic.

Shirt: Michael Kors ~ Shorts: Forever 21~ Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklaces: Tiffany’s & Hello Kitty, because I’m 8

years old and just felt like wearing it…sorry for partyin?