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Zebra Flower Frame

29 Apr

My dear friend Sara is moving in to her first apartment (well, in August, but um, EXCITEMENT ensues 4 months early anyway). But alas, the days of dorm room living don’t really allow for the most extensive or elaborate decor. So while it may be thrilling to stalk Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie for those awesome draw pulls that you definitely need or to pretend that you live the life of Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere… probably isn’t the most realistic shopping venture for those of you who are living on a college budget which forces you to cringe and almost punch the ATM when it dares to ask if you want a receipt with your withdrawal (uh, absolutely not.)

Over the next few posts, I will be making various decorations to spice up your new living space –yes Sara, that means you get to keep whatever I make. I am going to attempt to use mostly recycled materials in effort to save cash money, so for this first venture, I am going to use leftover editions of OU’s “The Post” newspaper to create a wreath-esque picture frame contraption. It is inspired by this idea I found on

Now I can use my pile of newspapers for something other than looking like a super hoarder!

What you need:
newspaper(or novel that you don’t mind tearing apart)
card stock
hot glue gun
tissue paper
picture to frame

What to do:
Cut newspapers in half four times.

Roll up the cut piece to look like this and glue shut. Repeat this…very many times (depending on the size of your desired frame size)

Then glue the petals (yes, flower theme now) to the perimeter of a square piece of card stock like this:

Continue until the petals reach all of the way around.

Cover up the piece of card stock with another in order to cover the glue and uneven edges and create more support.

Then begin to cut the pieces of tissue paper into petal shapes.

Glue the petals around the new piece of card stock, but make sure they are close enough to the center so the picture covers up all of the uneven ends.

Put glue on the back of your picture then glue it in the center of the flower.

Finally, put a loop of ribbon on the back in order to hang the frame and you are finished!

Final Product:


Yep my white tee..

26 Apr

I was never a promoter of wearing scarves in the warmer months, but I have come to accept and even like the trend when done properly. When I say properly, I merely mean, don’t wear a chunky, knit scarf with your teensey shorts and tank top…it just looks odd, methinks. But I am all about wearing a lightweight, plain or patterned scarf with a Springy outfit. For example, these are winners:

*Found on

I recently found a tutorial online at,, similar to the one used to make the braided necklace in my previous post, but this is how to turn a t-shirt into a scarf or a large necklace, whichever way you would like to look at it. -Upon finishing this, I decided I prefer it as a necklace, I mean it doesn’t really make a difference because they both go around your neck, but I’m just an odd duck- To complete this, you only need a t-shirt (or a few if you plan on making your scarf multicolored like I do) and a scissor, simple, huh? 

To start:

Cut loops from the bottom of the shirts about 1″ thick (exactly the same way as the last tutorial).

Repeat this until you have the desired amount of loops to make your scarf as thick and heavy as desired. Like I said, I used two shirts to add a bit of an accent color. 

Stretch out the loops so they become EXTREMELY long.

Double up the individual loops. If there are seams, they should now be aligned, if there aren’t seams (like on Hanes v-necks) just make sure the two sides are of equal lengths.

You will now need one loop to become the clasp so make sure to leave one to the side! With all of the seams lined up and if by chance some of the loops are longer than others, put them in the back.

Cut the extra loop into a single strip. Tie a knot with one end around all of the loops by the seams and wrap the strip around and around the loops until there is just enough of the strip left to make another knot. Make sure it covers all of the seams and you are finished!

I personally was not in a sewing mood today, but you can also add some appliques, maybe some fabric flowers made from that slaughtered scarf from the first post, I think yes. Recycling FTW.  


It’s t-shirt timeeeee..

22 Apr

It’s Thursday and a beautiful Spring day in Athens, so I’m obligated to celebrate the end (kinda…) of my midterms. I have no idea what I’m going to wear, but all I know is that I am seriously lacking in the accessory department. I usually stick to my two basic rings, seen here:

and rotate between three pairs of earrings depending on my mood. But for tonight, I want something different. So before I get my shop on (hide my debit card, PLEASE), I’m going to make something. Instant gratification ..DASSS WHAT I NEED. And all you need for this is:

  • t-shirt
  • scissor 
  • needle & thread

I’m using a white Hanes v-neck, because I have just about 6,000 of them and I feel like white, being the neutral it is, will work as an accessory with whatever I decide to wear tonight. I found this tutorial on, but like always, I have to put my own twist on it. So if you want to venture away from the plain necklace, you will also need some fun colored yarn, like the type you used to make friendship bracelets with.

Let’s get started:

  • Cut three strips from the hem of your desired shirt like so:
    *Make sure to pull the strips taught in order to hide the frays. And SCORE, you now have an awkward crop top to wear…….
  • Tie the ends of the strips in a regular knot. Leave enough room so you can tie it to the other end..
  • Now get braiding! Keep doing so until you have about a 12″ braid or if you would rather the entire necklace be a braid…go for it. When you are done with your braid, put a few stitches through the end so it doesn’t unravel.

    ignore the chipped polish, please.

  • Cut the ends like this in order to get a cool tiered effect, line up the ends and then tie at the top!

    *This is the finished product; but the plain version, so I vote we funk this up a bit.
  • Wrap the sting of your choice around the individual strips in order to add a little bit of color. I decided to use some orange and yellow and add colored sections of various lengths on the strips. Do something like this:

And then repeat!

Okay, now this is the jazzed up version and I’m a fan. HUGE fan. Making one in every color right quick.

I’ll be sure to show you how it looks with my outfit for tonight…rather than this ratty, old t-shirt.

Channel Your Inner Wino….Part Deux

20 Apr

In the November issue of Thread, I wrote a D.I.Y. article about how to transform your leftover wine and liquor bottles into works of art and I instantly became obsessed with this project . See here:

Photos by Michael Mauer, Assisted by Andi Teggart

Photos by Michael Mauer, Assisted by Andi Teggart

I have been dying to make more using different materials, but unfortunately was lacking the time and empty bottles. But after hounding people for their “garbage” and avoiding studying for midterms, I found some time to create two new bottles. I decided to go for a tropical inspired look on a rectangle shaped bottle and a modern, girly look on an already pink bottle. To get started, you will ABSOLUTELY need a glue gun and scissors. Everything else you want to include can be leftover supplies from other D.I.Y projects, to newly purchased appliques and paper from Cross Court (I live for that store, if you couldn’t tell already), or twine and newspaper (good way to recycle!).

First up is the beachy Captain Morgan bottle (it seemed fitting). I started out simple: wrap the bottle in twine, in reference to my last post, it is totally okay to use the “furry” twine. (**I realized AFTER finishing this specific bottle, this twine is MUCH easier to work with. Be prepared for major glue gun burns if you are partial the the thinner twine. I still used it, but in much smaller quantities than I expected.)

I have noticed this is a common centerpiece or decoration for funky weddings mentioned on various blogs, but usually it is just a single strand of plain twine or string, so I put my own twist on it and created stripes of two different twines and also created a swirly pattern on certain strips. Another fun addition, is to use the flower appliques from the necklace I created to add a little flair to the bottle, or you can keep it simple. Wedding centerpiece examples:

I dont stalk like its my job or anything...

Okay, so yet again, I made a plan, but halfway into it, I changed it up. Now I included bright yellow paper, created a new twine design and what was originally the front is now the back. Eh, everything turns out better when you wing it.

Now here is the completed project!

-I figured out a few things..aka I made a few mistakes. The skinny twine, you don’t have to torment your poor hands with glue gun burns, you can simply wrap it around the bottle very taught. Also, make sure you know you are done using the twine before you place the flowers down. Otherwise, you will have to rip them off and cause unnecessary frustration.-

Next on my crafting spree, is the girly wine bottle. I decided to use  bright colored paper, black & white butterfly appliques (cute, not weird little girl status,I promise!) and black, white and silver sparkly and plain ribbon. Yet again in typical, mindless Whitney fashion, I winged this entire process, but I will give you the best tutorial I can!

I’ve gotten into the pattern of actually making the item and then backtracking in order to write my steps and to be honest, the first attempt at this failed…epically. After tearing the entire thing apart, I started with a electrical tape stripe, followed by a stripe of plain purple paper.

I then added strips of different ribbon around the circumference of the bottle, followed by the addition of another stripe of black tape and more ribbon. Next, it was butterfly time. Just glue those all over the place, go wild..sure.

FInally, add as much ribbon and appliques to your liking around of the neck of the bottle and you having a finished product! Now I have a bite sized collection to show off. 


Resurrecting the scarf..

14 Apr

There are few things I hate, most of which involves food items ie: mushrooms, tomatoes, fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, as well as working at Macy’s during Christmas time (which reminds me, the new Matthew Williamson line for Impulse —FANTASTIC–I mean, this dress, I would eat everything mentioned above while folding mens sweaters for eight hours as long as I got to wear it for a night. And by this dress, I mean all three).



Okay, so back to what I was saying; there is NOTHING I despise, loathe, hate, hate, hate more than when clothes get ruined. Right now, I’m mourning the loss of my fantastic purple tights, which somehow got slaughtered straight down the thigh, and a cool brown patterned scarf that is now torn to shreds. But hey, here’s an idea to ponder; why don’t I just stop complaining and turn both previously awesome items of clothing into something new and unique? Yes. Lets get on that. For the tights, I’m feeling a headband project … something along the lines of a turban? But I have yet to figure that one out SO I will do something I know how to do and turn this scarf into a kick ass necklace.

Now as I realized while making this necklace (which I must say turned out SICK) this is not something to attempt when it’s windy out, you will get extremely frustrated, I can promise you that. Like I do with everything, I came up with a plan, but completely ignored it and  winged the entire process, so a step-by-step is not quite gonna happen.

Things you need:

  1. Twine (NOT the furry kind. It is itchy and doesn’t look too cute.)
  2. Needle & thread
  3. Flower appliques (I got a ton of different packs at Cross Court on Court Street. For this specific necklace, I used a package of various sizes but all in neutral tones and vintage prints.)
  4. That ripped up scarf mentioned above (R.I.P)
  5. Scissors

For how cute this turned out (sorry I keep tooting my own horn), I’m surprised about how easy it is. To start: take the twine and make it DOUBLE your desired necklace length. Then fold in half and tie together. I didn’t want to get too fancy and add a clasp, that would definitely take away from the bohemian vibe. Cut out pieces of the scarf into randomly sized, frayed strips and circles. From here, use the needle and thread to attach the scarf pieces and flower appliques. I found it was most efficient to only put one piece on the needle before wrapping the thread around the twine, it led to the pieces staying in place and therefore becoming a little bit more sturdy. Annnnnnnnnd here is the final product!

Due to my camera dying mid-project, I was forced to snap a webcam pic like a MySpace superstar.

I will definitely be making more variations on this same necklaces with leftover supplies from other projects, so expect pictures! Up soon: Springy scarves, headbands and wine bottles (the article I wrote previously for THREAD got me obsessed).

A little bit of this…

13 Apr

I am the absolute QUEEN of scouring the mall and the wonderful world of the internet for the best deals, steals and sales. However, this led to an addiction to shopping online…especially during the drab winter months where every single solitary website seems to be advertising pastels, florals and everything that would make your day THAT much brighter and happier. But I realized how much more satisfying it is to make your own items to add to your wardrobe and living space, whether that be your apartment or jail-cell sized dorm room. If you dare to fight against the grandma stereotype that my friends constantly throw at me, you will find that it is beyond easy to spruce up your wardrobe with a little bit of time and a glue gun.

Along with my pathetic love for crafts, as a typical female, I also love new, fun hair and make-up ideas, but alas, my creative ability is incredibly stunted in that department, unless you count forgetting a hair brush and calling it a “beachy look.” This is exactly why I run to my friends who can teach me and therefore you, the art of beautification. And in return for those tips or in the case of my first “How-to” project, Miss Rachel Anne, Chipotle burritos; I share my fashion knowledge and become somewhat of a personal shopper. Although my style stops right on the borderline of outlandish (it has been toned down since arriving in Athens), as an avid fashion stalker, as I’m sure the majority of you Threadies are, I’m aware of runway styles and know they are usually too much to rock on Court Street. But it is quite easy to transform your wardrobe for spring with inspiration from these looks, shopping in your closet and some great D.I.Y. projects which I can’t wait to share with you. So for my first how-to, I will show you just how simple it is to transform your style from winter drab to spring chic.

In order to really revamp your look, you must think of what you already own. Chances are you own pieces which are back in style or if not, can definitely be mixed and matched to create an outfit which is all you. The closet belonging to Rachel, my example mentioned above, is quite similar to that of Taylor Swift..think Chuck Taylors paired with sundresses, mini skirts and cowboy boots…always with a simple silver cross necklace. Although this look is adorable and shouts spring and sunshine, this spring is all about bold color (“hyper color” as puts it), lace and print, so let’s stay away from the plain sundress and head towards a bright and bold midi dress (the new maxi) or romper instead. Lace is always a perfect addition to a springy outfit, whether just as an accent or as an entire top. I recently bought a top (which was shown on the website – http://www.amiclubwear – as a dress…yikes) which is a dolman sleeve made out of white lace with sporadically placed roses. Sounds a bit gaudy now that I wrote it out, but here, picture proof that it IS cute and is simple enough to wear with a pair of jeans or for a night out.

Now for prints. I am always a sucker for cheetah and polka dots, so upon hearing those were some popular patterns for spring (who could argue with Givenchy and Moschino?! If you – you may be slightly disturbed) I was incredibly pleased. Now I can finally wear these!

Remember those sales I spoke of earlier...these are one of the many products of my interweb creeping..speaking of...most definitely check out types of wonderment awaits you.

But for those of you who are only looking to make a slight change, incorporate a less intense printed item into you look, like these wonderful shorts found at Dash.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

Well, I think that is enough fashion to numb your brain for tonight. Tomorrow I will show you actual D.I.Y. projects which will take your spring time look to the next level, without going broke!