Resurrecting the scarf..

14 Apr

There are few things I hate, most of which involves food items ie: mushrooms, tomatoes, fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, as well as working at Macy’s during Christmas time (which reminds me, the new Matthew Williamson line for Impulse —FANTASTIC–I mean, this dress, I would eat everything mentioned above while folding mens sweaters for eight hours as long as I got to wear it for a night. And by this dress, I mean all three).



Okay, so back to what I was saying; there is NOTHING I despise, loathe, hate, hate, hate more than when clothes get ruined. Right now, I’m mourning the loss of my fantastic purple tights, which somehow got slaughtered straight down the thigh, and a cool brown patterned scarf that is now torn to shreds. But hey, here’s an idea to ponder; why don’t I just stop complaining and turn both previously awesome items of clothing into something new and unique? Yes. Lets get on that. For the tights, I’m feeling a headband project … something along the lines of a turban? But I have yet to figure that one out SO I will do something I know how to do and turn this scarf into a kick ass necklace.

Now as I realized while making this necklace (which I must say turned out SICK) this is not something to attempt when it’s windy out, you will get extremely frustrated, I can promise you that. Like I do with everything, I came up with a plan, but completely ignored it and  winged the entire process, so a step-by-step is not quite gonna happen.

Things you need:

  1. Twine (NOT the furry kind. It is itchy and doesn’t look too cute.)
  2. Needle & thread
  3. Flower appliques (I got a ton of different packs at Cross Court on Court Street. For this specific necklace, I used a package of various sizes but all in neutral tones and vintage prints.)
  4. That ripped up scarf mentioned above (R.I.P)
  5. Scissors

For how cute this turned out (sorry I keep tooting my own horn), I’m surprised about how easy it is. To start: take the twine and make it DOUBLE your desired necklace length. Then fold in half and tie together. I didn’t want to get too fancy and add a clasp, that would definitely take away from the bohemian vibe. Cut out pieces of the scarf into randomly sized, frayed strips and circles. From here, use the needle and thread to attach the scarf pieces and flower appliques. I found it was most efficient to only put one piece on the needle before wrapping the thread around the twine, it led to the pieces staying in place and therefore becoming a little bit more sturdy. Annnnnnnnnd here is the final product!

Due to my camera dying mid-project, I was forced to snap a webcam pic like a MySpace superstar.

I will definitely be making more variations on this same necklaces with leftover supplies from other projects, so expect pictures! Up soon: Springy scarves, headbands and wine bottles (the article I wrote previously for THREAD got me obsessed).

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