Channel Your Inner Wino….Part Deux

20 Apr

In the November issue of Thread, I wrote a D.I.Y. article about how to transform your leftover wine and liquor bottles into works of art and I instantly became obsessed with this project . See here:

Photos by Michael Mauer, Assisted by Andi Teggart

Photos by Michael Mauer, Assisted by Andi Teggart

I have been dying to make more using different materials, but unfortunately was lacking the time and empty bottles. But after hounding people for their “garbage” and avoiding studying for midterms, I found some time to create two new bottles. I decided to go for a tropical inspired look on a rectangle shaped bottle and a modern, girly look on an already pink bottle. To get started, you will ABSOLUTELY need a glue gun and scissors. Everything else you want to include can be leftover supplies from other D.I.Y projects, to newly purchased appliques and paper from Cross Court (I live for that store, if you couldn’t tell already), or twine and newspaper (good way to recycle!).

First up is the beachy Captain Morgan bottle (it seemed fitting). I started out simple: wrap the bottle in twine, in reference to my last post, it is totally okay to use the “furry” twine. (**I realized AFTER finishing this specific bottle, this twine is MUCH easier to work with. Be prepared for major glue gun burns if you are partial the the thinner twine. I still used it, but in much smaller quantities than I expected.)

I have noticed this is a common centerpiece or decoration for funky weddings mentioned on various blogs, but usually it is just a single strand of plain twine or string, so I put my own twist on it and created stripes of two different twines and also created a swirly pattern on certain strips. Another fun addition, is to use the flower appliques from the necklace I created to add a little flair to the bottle, or you can keep it simple. Wedding centerpiece examples:

I dont stalk like its my job or anything...

Okay, so yet again, I made a plan, but halfway into it, I changed it up. Now I included bright yellow paper, created a new twine design and what was originally the front is now the back. Eh, everything turns out better when you wing it.

Now here is the completed project!

-I figured out a few things..aka I made a few mistakes. The skinny twine, you don’t have to torment your poor hands with glue gun burns, you can simply wrap it around the bottle very taught. Also, make sure you know you are done using the twine before you place the flowers down. Otherwise, you will have to rip them off and cause unnecessary frustration.-

Next on my crafting spree, is the girly wine bottle. I decided to use  bright colored paper, black & white butterfly appliques (cute, not weird little girl status,I promise!) and black, white and silver sparkly and plain ribbon. Yet again in typical, mindless Whitney fashion, I winged this entire process, but I will give you the best tutorial I can!

I’ve gotten into the pattern of actually making the item and then backtracking in order to write my steps and to be honest, the first attempt at this failed…epically. After tearing the entire thing apart, I started with a electrical tape stripe, followed by a stripe of plain purple paper.

I then added strips of different ribbon around the circumference of the bottle, followed by the addition of another stripe of black tape and more ribbon. Next, it was butterfly time. Just glue those all over the place, go wild..sure.

FInally, add as much ribbon and appliques to your liking around of the neck of the bottle and you having a finished product! Now I have a bite sized collection to show off. 


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