It’s t-shirt timeeeee..

22 Apr

It’s Thursday and a beautiful Spring day in Athens, so I’m obligated to celebrate the end (kinda…) of my midterms. I have no idea what I’m going to wear, but all I know is that I am seriously lacking in the accessory department. I usually stick to my two basic rings, seen here:

and rotate between three pairs of earrings depending on my mood. But for tonight, I want something different. So before I get my shop on (hide my debit card, PLEASE), I’m going to make something. Instant gratification ..DASSS WHAT I NEED. And all you need for this is:

  • t-shirt
  • scissor 
  • needle & thread

I’m using a white Hanes v-neck, because I have just about 6,000 of them and I feel like white, being the neutral it is, will work as an accessory with whatever I decide to wear tonight. I found this tutorial on, but like always, I have to put my own twist on it. So if you want to venture away from the plain necklace, you will also need some fun colored yarn, like the type you used to make friendship bracelets with.

Let’s get started:

  • Cut three strips from the hem of your desired shirt like so:
    *Make sure to pull the strips taught in order to hide the frays. And SCORE, you now have an awkward crop top to wear…….
  • Tie the ends of the strips in a regular knot. Leave enough room so you can tie it to the other end..
  • Now get braiding! Keep doing so until you have about a 12″ braid or if you would rather the entire necklace be a braid…go for it. When you are done with your braid, put a few stitches through the end so it doesn’t unravel.

    ignore the chipped polish, please.

  • Cut the ends like this in order to get a cool tiered effect, line up the ends and then tie at the top!

    *This is the finished product; but the plain version, so I vote we funk this up a bit.
  • Wrap the sting of your choice around the individual strips in order to add a little bit of color. I decided to use some orange and yellow and add colored sections of various lengths on the strips. Do something like this:

And then repeat!

Okay, now this is the jazzed up version and I’m a fan. HUGE fan. Making one in every color right quick.

I’ll be sure to show you how it looks with my outfit for tonight…rather than this ratty, old t-shirt.

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