Yep my white tee..

26 Apr

I was never a promoter of wearing scarves in the warmer months, but I have come to accept and even like the trend when done properly. When I say properly, I merely mean, don’t wear a chunky, knit scarf with your teensey shorts and tank top…it just looks odd, methinks. But I am all about wearing a lightweight, plain or patterned scarf with a Springy outfit. For example, these are winners:

*Found on

I recently found a tutorial online at,, similar to the one used to make the braided necklace in my previous post, but this is how to turn a t-shirt into a scarf or a large necklace, whichever way you would like to look at it. -Upon finishing this, I decided I prefer it as a necklace, I mean it doesn’t really make a difference because they both go around your neck, but I’m just an odd duck- To complete this, you only need a t-shirt (or a few if you plan on making your scarf multicolored like I do) and a scissor, simple, huh? 

To start:

Cut loops from the bottom of the shirts about 1″ thick (exactly the same way as the last tutorial).

Repeat this until you have the desired amount of loops to make your scarf as thick and heavy as desired. Like I said, I used two shirts to add a bit of an accent color. 

Stretch out the loops so they become EXTREMELY long.

Double up the individual loops. If there are seams, they should now be aligned, if there aren’t seams (like on Hanes v-necks) just make sure the two sides are of equal lengths.

You will now need one loop to become the clasp so make sure to leave one to the side! With all of the seams lined up and if by chance some of the loops are longer than others, put them in the back.

Cut the extra loop into a single strip. Tie a knot with one end around all of the loops by the seams and wrap the strip around and around the loops until there is just enough of the strip left to make another knot. Make sure it covers all of the seams and you are finished!

I personally was not in a sewing mood today, but you can also add some appliques, maybe some fabric flowers made from that slaughtered scarf from the first post, I think yes. Recycling FTW.  


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