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Ke$ha Nails

24 May

Ke$ha, although insane, I find to be absolutely fantastic, hence why I dressed like her for Halloween and dare I say– it was a striking resemblance. It was kinda odd that I didn’t even have to purchase a single item of clothing to look like dis crazy bitch but anyone who’s anyone owns a huge, furry, cheetah print cropped jacket….right?

Twinz? Methinks.

But, anyway, this DIY was inspired by my friend Joc, who was rocking these fabulous pink glittery nails. When I asked her what polish she used and if I could borrow it, she told me it wasn’t polish at all and she did it herself. To get a super glittery Ke$ha nail look, grab some glitter, nail glue (ya know, the kind you use for fake nails) and a clear top coat and you are ready to go.

Create a little cone out of an index card and dump your glitter in it. Definitely go for a bright color, Joc and I both used a light pink, which is definitely fitting for the Spring! Next, paint one finger with your nail glue and press that nail down in the glitter, continue on to the following fingers while letting the previous ones dry. If the nails feel a little too scratchy, use another index card to flatten down the glitter–I would definitely do this because your fingers will get caught on everything: your clothes, your blanket and your boyfriend will refuse to go near uyou due to your “talons,” so flatten it out for sure! Once your nails seem dry enough, go over them with a clear top coat and you are done with some Ke$ha worthy nails.

Other cool glittery ideas for your nails are shown in the latest edition of Cosmo. I saw them in person and I must say, I don’t think my nails will be without sparkle for…the rest of forever. You can create a french mani, using a shimmer based polish as the main nail color and then a swipe of white polish as the tip. You could also just reverse this trend and paint your nails white and make the tip sparkle or as shown in Cosmo as well, create the tip using small glittery sequins and nail glue again.

If you have any fun nail ideas to share, post them in the comment box!


Protect your clothes from 8fest torture

20 May

These next two weekend are filled with way too much fun. This weekend, not only is my best friend flying in from NY to visit, it’s 8 fest. Now, I’ve never been to a #fest, but I do know there is a ton of mud. I had to instruct my friend on what to pack for her trip here and one thing I almost forgot to mention was what on earth to wear for 8fest. Do I say bring your intramural soccer  t-shirt and running shoes- no. No way. I do not want to force my friend to sacrifice her style, but I also don’t want any item of clothing to get ruined…ever. But now there lies a predicament: how do you dress for this messy fest without foregoing your fashion sense?

Jazz up crap. That’s how. Don’t wear anything too important or valuable, instead stick with items you don’t really care  about and may seem basic but accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Hanes t-shirts are my absolute favorite item of clothing ever. They can be paired with pretty much anything with the right accessories. I think for myself, I will pair a white v-neck with denim shorts and sparkly TOMS. But I don’t really savor the fact that I may look straight out of a Tom Petty music video, so I think funky headbands, hats and earrings are all options to spice up this otherwise plain outfit. Maybe even get inspired by a previous issue of Thread and do a quick DIY project on one of your old t-shirts to funk it up a bit.

Not too high-fashion, but these shirts are a dime a dozen.

Normally I don't enjoy fedoras, but this rocks.

But now to the fun part. While I am dyyyyinggg to wear this outfit I have been putting together in my head, I don’t really have an occasion for it this weekend, hence the ramble above. But I will be totally lame and just save it for next weekend when I go to see the beautiful, wonderful, amazing, fantastic Avett Brothers. I like them a bit, can’t you tell? Anywho, I’m going to channel a fellow Thread blogger Amy and I will show you how to pick out an outfit that can withstand being shoved in your backpack on your trip and is suitable for whatever venue your concert is at. Now while Amy went to more of energetic show with mosh pits and close spaces, the Avetts are playing at an outdoor venue and are extremely mellow, so I won’t be going too crazy, therefore, I can wear fabulous heels. I also think this is an acceptable event to get a little adventurous with pattern mixing, stripes with florals…oooh scary, but why not try. I don’t know why but this outfit just makes me think of Cupcakes & Cashmere, so because of that, I’m definitely going to tie up the bottom of the top to become somewhat cropped. This isn’t much of a tutorial, but I’m just way too excited for new clothes and this concert. Like I said above, concerts are a great excuse to get a little dressed up and experiment with new looks like diiiiiiiiiiis.

This top looks awkwardly long...but it's the best picture I could find.

I really think Sara will run out of room in her apartment…

17 May

Okay, I am a bit of  a blog liar. I mentioned briefly that I was going to show you how to make these little flower origami doodads, but that was before I found a few more newspaper crafts to make. Yes, newspapers again, hush your face. And I’d much rather show you how to make something I can actually make, instead of origami, who was I kidding.

This first project I literally stumbled upon(… SORRY procrastinators) and realized HEY, I have a half dead canvas lying around that I have no clue what to do with so snaps for this project. All you need is a canvas, glue and newspaper…well, and a paintbrush, but since I have no clue where any of mine are, I’ll use a spoon…or something.

So you can either paint the canvas a fun color  or cover it with newspaper, either works then you get into the actual project!

1. Tear up strips of newspaper, no need to be neat about this. Then twist all of the strips into thin strings.

2. Wrap the strings around a pencil so they become little rosette looking things.

3. Put a major amount of glue in the corner of the canvas and place the swirl on the glue.  Cover the swirl in glue too to make sure it doesn’t fall off. Maybe even use a hot glue gun to attach.

4.Keep making the swirls and stick them on. Make them different sizes but make sure they are glued very close together on the canvas.

5. Now you could either make the swirls only cover half of the canvas or the whole thing. Be as creative as you want. Maybe even add swirls from the top corner and have them meet a drawing that stems up from the bottom corner, up to you!

Now, this is taking me quite a bit of time and due to my rather hefty exam tomorrow, I must halt my piece and show you the final product as displayed on the tutorial website instead of mine. I will do a post of all finished products tomorrow, that is, if I am alive after this test….


Accessory Fun! And What’s Next :)

13 May

As I briefly mentioned,  this past weekend was filled with a ton of random but fun events and one of them included stopping by a craft fair in the Short North part of Columbus. Besides the crazy amount of vintage stores and furniture stores and awesome restaurants, I find a craft fair, bazaar-type thing..too good to be true and uh awesome? But so sad, one of the booths literally had every future DIY project I planned, from the cute origami crane mobile, I originally found in a store window in the Hamptons and the doily lanterns which were showcased in the last edition of THREAD. But what do I care, I will do those projects anyway …eventually. For right now, I’ll stick with my own ideas and show you two projects, one of which I am totally making up. So first, I’m going to make a cute headband out of those purple ripped tights I mentioned oh so long ago. While their wine color may be a little dark for Spring, I think if it turns out successful, it will have the ability to be worked in to my wardrobe. Here it goes.

All you need is tights and a scissor. So unbelievably easy, it’s like not even fair.

Wrap one leg of the tights around your head to measure the length. Make sure to leave a little extra fabric to tie a knot and make the headband turban-esque.

oh so awkward

Tie a knot with the cut end facing out like so

And it will look less like a knot and more like a flower? Me hopes.

Add a little bit of bedazzle shenanigans in the center via hot glue gun or needle & thread and you got yourself a bomb headband in like 2 minutes.


Now lets be nice little kittens and ignore my gross bird nest of a bun..or me being a goof.

So later tonight when I guarantee I will be wide awake, I will show you how to make really cool flower origami decorations, need to get back to the apartment decor. This is definitely the easiest tutorial I have found for this specific project and I hope to simplify it even more..because origami is pretty damn hard.

How To Prevent Your Boyfriend From Looking Like A Cave Dweller

11 May

This past weekend, while attending an afternoon shindig, I heard a guy in his early twenties say in complete seriousness to his well-dressed roommate, “I did get dressed up today, I put pants on!” ……Uh, hold on a sec. I’m pretty sure you are wearing ripped (due to a drunken stumble, not Abercrombie) jeans, your high school football t-shirt and beat up running sneakers…dressed up…compared to what…a hobbit? Okay, okay, that sounds a bit snobby being as I am writing this wearing running shorts and a high school track t-shirt and let me tell you, I am the first person to admit that these clothes ARE comfortable and I will wear them around, pretty much wherever, but as a female, I was lucky enough to be virtually programmed with a keen sense of what is proper to wear for certain occasions, as is every lady who is allowed to pick out their clothes for themselves, a.k.a. everyone over the age of 6. But fellas, you may need some help turning these everyday basics that you pick up from your bedroom floor into suitable outfits.

 Now, these go-to items (t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, sneakers) are all perfect items to wear for the majority of occasions; class, movies, bars, dates, pretty much most things but a wedding, a funeral and the Met Gala, but this only works if the t-shirt is free from sweat stains, jeans are lacking mud and like, tire treads or whatever else crazy junk gets on you throughout the day, and no sneakers that have more miles on them then your car. ***Side note: I am NOT speaking of: 8 AM classes, well, 8-11 AM classes, sick days, bumming around days, fests (we’ll get to that later) and  those ‘rough’ mornings’ because I know I will be wearing this exact same outfit.***

Pretty much, this transition from scrub to stud, is really simple. Keep with your same style, but make sure it’s CLEAN!!! Opt for more fitted clothing because it tends to look more presentable, even if it is just a t-shirt and jeans (look below for ideas).  Avoid shirts and sneakers that you wear to the gym beacuse they are bound to be stanky and instead invest in graphic printed or plain t’s that fit you well and don’t smell like funk. Wearing a shirt from your favorite band or athletic team is always fun, but maybe try throwing one under a flannel or with a pair of khaki pants, it honestly makes a huge difference! Pants (and now that it’s Spring shorts!) are crucial. I know jeans are pretty much an everyday thing for just about everyone and their mother, but darker washes are an option to start leaning towards, they dress up anything you wear on top and on your feet.  As for footwear, sneakers are great, but so are: boots, dress shoes (maybe I’ll throw in boat shoes because a few extremely well dressed boys on campus do manage to make them look fierce..yeah, kid in the awesome colored shorts and button downs, I’m talking to you) etc. give them a try and see how you like them because us girls sure do, well I do anyway. Flannels are great tops, as are more dressy hoodies (yet again shown below) and to give credit to OU’s resident Bro Blogger Shane, he is totally correct when saying jerseys(well…maybe not for a date) and sunglasses are all great additions to any outfit and can showcase your personal style. With other accessories, hats are always a great start. Fedoras, flat brims, beanies and even a worn in baseball hat (on occasion) are also great to throw in with your outfit.

The moral of the story is,  just puh-leeease make sure your clothing is clean(ish) and I’m sure you are on your way to making a positive wardrobe change!

Last Minute Trip…..oh no.

5 May

So I was not planning on leaving Athens this weekend, due to the insane amount of fun things going on, but SURPRISE, I have to make a trip up to Columbus. Usually this is how my trips to Columbus start: futz around my room, go to class, futz, procrastinate, creep on the interwebs, look at my clothes, don’t pack my clothes, OH MY LANTA- it’s 3:55 and the GoBus leaves at 4:30! Also note, that I have not gotten ready, wet hair is still in a messy bun after the shower and my Vera Bradley duffle lays empty …somewhere. Therefore, I usually throw a random, un-matching, horrendous array of clothes and shoes into my bag and begin my sprint to West Green (perks of living on Dirty South) and wind up with an insane amount of stress due to my lack of planning!

This is why, I want to show you how to pack a bag in a limited amount of time that will allow you to mix and match for whatever shenanigans you are getting into wherever you are traveling to. I am going to leave out the toiletries and undergarments because hopefully your mother always made you remember to pack extra socks because I sure know mine did. But hey, there’s a WalMart everywhere to pick up a new toothbrush. I’m going to create a few inspiration boards in a variety of styles to display that it requires only a few minutes of focus and a very basic color scheme to be fashionably prepared for just about anything. Let’s start with my style first…I wear a lot of black(whaddup New York born and bred), so I’m kinda easy to pack I still manage to screw it up…we will never know.

You will now be able to tell that my main problem…is shoes. Footwear can honestly turn a basic daytime outfit into a look for just about any occasion as seen here by the different types of heels. I usually never know what I will be doing that weekend, but heels are always acceptable! As you can see, I stick with a basic color palate of black, white, red and greys. The cheetah heels are for an accent piece because I feel that cheetah always works with these colors..okay and I’m just obsessed. All of these pieces can be mixed and matched with each other to form different looks based on the occasion whether a party, out to lunch or somewhere fancy (hot date maybe..? hint hint).

Now let’s look at a different style, maybe a more earthy, bohemian look. Stick to neutrals and earth tones (olive, brown, cream etc) and layers. Throw in some floral patterns to jazz up your look.

Next, let’s try for the flannel wearing, skinny jean loving hipster. This look requires a little bit of attitude and a bunch of color and huge glasses you don’t really need. Channel American lots of leggings and baggy t’s. 

And last, a bag packed for the bold, glam girl! Lots of fierce colors, sparkle and hardware.

How To Dress like a Diez on Cinco de Mayo!

5 May

Okay, in honor of a rather kick-ass holiday, I’m going to take a quick break from apartment decorating and discuss all things Cinco de Mayo! Not only does this give me and excuse to feast on burritos and nachos, it gives me an excuse to get dressed up (well, I would do it anyway). Whether I’m going the route of kitschy and costume-y or dressing chic for the birthday fiesta of everyone’s favorite college fashion magazine THREAD at the newly redone and super modern Stephen’s, I need to be on my fashion a-game. I will show you ‘how-to’ achieve both looks… because chances are, I’ll be rocking both at some point throughout the day.

My pal Logan is ALL about mixing these options. On St. Patrick’s Day, she definitely stood out in her perfectly coordinated green & silver outfit, accessories and even sparkly boat shoes. Side note, if you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of boat shoes, but these from Express, were beyond acceptable!! But anyway, this cute outfit was turned from everyday to celebratory with the addition of a cutsey pompom headband and Irish themed baubles. Holidays are definitely a perfect time to dress a little outside of your comfort zone. So when I think of Cinco de Mayo fashion, I think of bright colors, loud prints and anything resistant to tequila spills; all of which leads to a great outfit that you can wear to a party filled with OU’s finest dressed (yeaaah, Threadies) and make the transition to Court Street silliness or a themed party with a few fun additions, including a huge flower in your hair, which I will show you how to make! For a basic idea of where to get started, look below for some outfit choices, color schemes and cute accessories.

Now for the dorky, yet cute part…themed accessories! Judge me, but I’m a sucker for Party City and would totally pick up all of these items…I feel like you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t. Especially because chances are, you attend OU and I bet you have been to your fair share of (and loved every second ) themed parties. So absolutely throw on one of these with your killer outfit and get ready to fiesta. And make sure to listen to “Patron,Tequila” by The Paradiso Girls, just to be obnoxious. 

Logan. Needs. This.

Now I don’t exactly know how my look is going to turn out for tomorrow night, but I definitely want to break out my yellow heels…weather permitting, damn you May showers…but I will post my final outfit and probably Logan’s as well, because I know she is going to out-do everyone! If you are pleased with how your outfit turns out for tomorrow, snap a pic and comment it to this post (if you can’t do that because I haven’t checked if you can…TwitPic, haay).