How To Dress like a Diez on Cinco de Mayo!

5 May

Okay, in honor of a rather kick-ass holiday, I’m going to take a quick break from apartment decorating and discuss all things Cinco de Mayo! Not only does this give me and excuse to feast on burritos and nachos, it gives me an excuse to get dressed up (well, I would do it anyway). Whether I’m going the route of kitschy and costume-y or dressing chic for the birthday fiesta of everyone’s favorite college fashion magazine THREAD at the newly redone and super modern Stephen’s, I need to be on my fashion a-game. I will show you ‘how-to’ achieve both looks… because chances are, I’ll be rocking both at some point throughout the day.

My pal Logan is ALL about mixing these options. On St. Patrick’s Day, she definitely stood out in her perfectly coordinated green & silver outfit, accessories and even sparkly boat shoes. Side note, if you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of boat shoes, but these from Express, were beyond acceptable!! But anyway, this cute outfit was turned from everyday to celebratory with the addition of a cutsey pompom headband and Irish themed baubles. Holidays are definitely a perfect time to dress a little outside of your comfort zone. So when I think of Cinco de Mayo fashion, I think of bright colors, loud prints and anything resistant to tequila spills; all of which leads to a great outfit that you can wear to a party filled with OU’s finest dressed (yeaaah, Threadies) and make the transition to Court Street silliness or a themed party with a few fun additions, including a huge flower in your hair, which I will show you how to make! For a basic idea of where to get started, look below for some outfit choices, color schemes and cute accessories.

Now for the dorky, yet cute part…themed accessories! Judge me, but I’m a sucker for Party City and would totally pick up all of these items…I feel like you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t. Especially because chances are, you attend OU and I bet you have been to your fair share of (and loved every second ) themed parties. So absolutely throw on one of these with your killer outfit and get ready to fiesta. And make sure to listen to “Patron,Tequila” by The Paradiso Girls, just to be obnoxious. 

Logan. Needs. This.

Now I don’t exactly know how my look is going to turn out for tomorrow night, but I definitely want to break out my yellow heels…weather permitting, damn you May showers…but I will post my final outfit and probably Logan’s as well, because I know she is going to out-do everyone! If you are pleased with how your outfit turns out for tomorrow, snap a pic and comment it to this post (if you can’t do that because I haven’t checked if you can…TwitPic, haay).

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