Last Minute Trip…..oh no.

5 May

So I was not planning on leaving Athens this weekend, due to the insane amount of fun things going on, but SURPRISE, I have to make a trip up to Columbus. Usually this is how my trips to Columbus start: futz around my room, go to class, futz, procrastinate, creep on the interwebs, look at my clothes, don’t pack my clothes, OH MY LANTA- it’s 3:55 and the GoBus leaves at 4:30! Also note, that I have not gotten ready, wet hair is still in a messy bun after the shower and my Vera Bradley duffle lays empty …somewhere. Therefore, I usually throw a random, un-matching, horrendous array of clothes and shoes into my bag and begin my sprint to West Green (perks of living on Dirty South) and wind up with an insane amount of stress due to my lack of planning!

This is why, I want to show you how to pack a bag in a limited amount of time that will allow you to mix and match for whatever shenanigans you are getting into wherever you are traveling to. I am going to leave out the toiletries and undergarments because hopefully your mother always made you remember to pack extra socks because I sure know mine did. But hey, there’s a WalMart everywhere to pick up a new toothbrush. I’m going to create a few inspiration boards in a variety of styles to display that it requires only a few minutes of focus and a very basic color scheme to be fashionably prepared for just about anything. Let’s start with my style first…I wear a lot of black(whaddup New York born and bred), so I’m kinda easy to pack I still manage to screw it up…we will never know.

You will now be able to tell that my main problem…is shoes. Footwear can honestly turn a basic daytime outfit into a look for just about any occasion as seen here by the different types of heels. I usually never know what I will be doing that weekend, but heels are always acceptable! As you can see, I stick with a basic color palate of black, white, red and greys. The cheetah heels are for an accent piece because I feel that cheetah always works with these colors..okay and I’m just obsessed. All of these pieces can be mixed and matched with each other to form different looks based on the occasion whether a party, out to lunch or somewhere fancy (hot date maybe..? hint hint).

Now let’s look at a different style, maybe a more earthy, bohemian look. Stick to neutrals and earth tones (olive, brown, cream etc) and layers. Throw in some floral patterns to jazz up your look.

Next, let’s try for the flannel wearing, skinny jean loving hipster. This look requires a little bit of attitude and a bunch of color and huge glasses you don’t really need. Channel American lots of leggings and baggy t’s. 

And last, a bag packed for the bold, glam girl! Lots of fierce colors, sparkle and hardware.

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