How To Prevent Your Boyfriend From Looking Like A Cave Dweller

11 May

This past weekend, while attending an afternoon shindig, I heard a guy in his early twenties say in complete seriousness to his well-dressed roommate, “I did get dressed up today, I put pants on!” ……Uh, hold on a sec. I’m pretty sure you are wearing ripped (due to a drunken stumble, not Abercrombie) jeans, your high school football t-shirt and beat up running sneakers…dressed up…compared to what…a hobbit? Okay, okay, that sounds a bit snobby being as I am writing this wearing running shorts and a high school track t-shirt and let me tell you, I am the first person to admit that these clothes ARE comfortable and I will wear them around, pretty much wherever, but as a female, I was lucky enough to be virtually programmed with a keen sense of what is proper to wear for certain occasions, as is every lady who is allowed to pick out their clothes for themselves, a.k.a. everyone over the age of 6. But fellas, you may need some help turning these everyday basics that you pick up from your bedroom floor into suitable outfits.

 Now, these go-to items (t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, sneakers) are all perfect items to wear for the majority of occasions; class, movies, bars, dates, pretty much most things but a wedding, a funeral and the Met Gala, but this only works if the t-shirt is free from sweat stains, jeans are lacking mud and like, tire treads or whatever else crazy junk gets on you throughout the day, and no sneakers that have more miles on them then your car. ***Side note: I am NOT speaking of: 8 AM classes, well, 8-11 AM classes, sick days, bumming around days, fests (we’ll get to that later) and  those ‘rough’ mornings’ because I know I will be wearing this exact same outfit.***

Pretty much, this transition from scrub to stud, is really simple. Keep with your same style, but make sure it’s CLEAN!!! Opt for more fitted clothing because it tends to look more presentable, even if it is just a t-shirt and jeans (look below for ideas).  Avoid shirts and sneakers that you wear to the gym beacuse they are bound to be stanky and instead invest in graphic printed or plain t’s that fit you well and don’t smell like funk. Wearing a shirt from your favorite band or athletic team is always fun, but maybe try throwing one under a flannel or with a pair of khaki pants, it honestly makes a huge difference! Pants (and now that it’s Spring shorts!) are crucial. I know jeans are pretty much an everyday thing for just about everyone and their mother, but darker washes are an option to start leaning towards, they dress up anything you wear on top and on your feet.  As for footwear, sneakers are great, but so are: boots, dress shoes (maybe I’ll throw in boat shoes because a few extremely well dressed boys on campus do manage to make them look fierce..yeah, kid in the awesome colored shorts and button downs, I’m talking to you) etc. give them a try and see how you like them because us girls sure do, well I do anyway. Flannels are great tops, as are more dressy hoodies (yet again shown below) and to give credit to OU’s resident Bro Blogger Shane, he is totally correct when saying jerseys(well…maybe not for a date) and sunglasses are all great additions to any outfit and can showcase your personal style. With other accessories, hats are always a great start. Fedoras, flat brims, beanies and even a worn in baseball hat (on occasion) are also great to throw in with your outfit.

The moral of the story is,  just puh-leeease make sure your clothing is clean(ish) and I’m sure you are on your way to making a positive wardrobe change!

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