Accessory Fun! And What’s Next :)

13 May

As I briefly mentioned,  this past weekend was filled with a ton of random but fun events and one of them included stopping by a craft fair in the Short North part of Columbus. Besides the crazy amount of vintage stores and furniture stores and awesome restaurants, I find a craft fair, bazaar-type thing..too good to be true and uh awesome? But so sad, one of the booths literally had every future DIY project I planned, from the cute origami crane mobile, I originally found in a store window in the Hamptons and the doily lanterns which were showcased in the last edition of THREAD. But what do I care, I will do those projects anyway …eventually. For right now, I’ll stick with my own ideas and show you two projects, one of which I am totally making up. So first, I’m going to make a cute headband out of those purple ripped tights I mentioned oh so long ago. While their wine color may be a little dark for Spring, I think if it turns out successful, it will have the ability to be worked in to my wardrobe. Here it goes.

All you need is tights and a scissor. So unbelievably easy, it’s like not even fair.

Wrap one leg of the tights around your head to measure the length. Make sure to leave a little extra fabric to tie a knot and make the headband turban-esque.

oh so awkward

Tie a knot with the cut end facing out like so

And it will look less like a knot and more like a flower? Me hopes.

Add a little bit of bedazzle shenanigans in the center via hot glue gun or needle & thread and you got yourself a bomb headband in like 2 minutes.


Now lets be nice little kittens and ignore my gross bird nest of a bun..or me being a goof.

So later tonight when I guarantee I will be wide awake, I will show you how to make really cool flower origami decorations, need to get back to the apartment decor. This is definitely the easiest tutorial I have found for this specific project and I hope to simplify it even more..because origami is pretty damn hard.

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