I really think Sara will run out of room in her apartment…

17 May

Okay, I am a bit of  a blog liar. I mentioned briefly that I was going to show you how to make these little flower origami doodads, but that was before I found a few more newspaper crafts to make. Yes, newspapers again, hush your face. And I’d much rather show you how to make something I can actually make, instead of origami, who was I kidding.

This first project I literally stumbled upon(www.stumbleupon.com… SORRY procrastinators) and realized HEY, I have a half dead canvas lying around that I have no clue what to do with so snaps for this project. All you need is a canvas, glue and newspaper…well, and a paintbrush, but since I have no clue where any of mine are, I’ll use a spoon…or something.

So you can either paint the canvas a fun color  or cover it with newspaper, either works then you get into the actual project!

1. Tear up strips of newspaper, no need to be neat about this. Then twist all of the strips into thin strings.

2. Wrap the strings around a pencil so they become little rosette looking things.

3. Put a major amount of glue in the corner of the canvas and place the swirl on the glue.  Cover the swirl in glue too to make sure it doesn’t fall off. Maybe even use a hot glue gun to attach.

4.Keep making the swirls and stick them on. Make them different sizes but make sure they are glued very close together on the canvas.

5. Now you could either make the swirls only cover half of the canvas or the whole thing. Be as creative as you want. Maybe even add swirls from the top corner and have them meet a drawing that stems up from the bottom corner, up to you!

Now, this is taking me quite a bit of time and due to my rather hefty exam tomorrow, I must halt my piece and show you the final product as displayed on the tutorial website instead of mine. I will do a post of all finished products tomorrow, that is, if I am alive after this test….


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