Protect your clothes from 8fest torture

20 May

These next two weekend are filled with way too much fun. This weekend, not only is my best friend flying in from NY to visit, it’s 8 fest. Now, I’ve never been to a #fest, but I do know there is a ton of mud. I had to instruct my friend on what to pack for her trip here and one thing I almost forgot to mention was what on earth to wear for 8fest. Do I say bring your intramural soccer  t-shirt and running shoes- no. No way. I do not want to force my friend to sacrifice her style, but I also don’t want any item of clothing to get ruined…ever. But now there lies a predicament: how do you dress for this messy fest without foregoing your fashion sense?

Jazz up crap. That’s how. Don’t wear anything too important or valuable, instead stick with items you don’t really care  about and may seem basic but accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Hanes t-shirts are my absolute favorite item of clothing ever. They can be paired with pretty much anything with the right accessories. I think for myself, I will pair a white v-neck with denim shorts and sparkly TOMS. But I don’t really savor the fact that I may look straight out of a Tom Petty music video, so I think funky headbands, hats and earrings are all options to spice up this otherwise plain outfit. Maybe even get inspired by a previous issue of Thread and do a quick DIY project on one of your old t-shirts to funk it up a bit.

Not too high-fashion, but these shirts are a dime a dozen.

Normally I don't enjoy fedoras, but this rocks.

But now to the fun part. While I am dyyyyinggg to wear this outfit I have been putting together in my head, I don’t really have an occasion for it this weekend, hence the ramble above. But I will be totally lame and just save it for next weekend when I go to see the beautiful, wonderful, amazing, fantastic Avett Brothers. I like them a bit, can’t you tell? Anywho, I’m going to channel a fellow Thread blogger Amy and I will show you how to pick out an outfit that can withstand being shoved in your backpack on your trip and is suitable for whatever venue your concert is at. Now while Amy went to more of energetic show with mosh pits and close spaces, the Avetts are playing at an outdoor venue and are extremely mellow, so I won’t be going too crazy, therefore, I can wear fabulous heels. I also think this is an acceptable event to get a little adventurous with pattern mixing, stripes with florals…oooh scary, but why not try. I don’t know why but this outfit just makes me think of Cupcakes & Cashmere, so because of that, I’m definitely going to tie up the bottom of the top to become somewhat cropped. This isn’t much of a tutorial, but I’m just way too excited for new clothes and this concert. Like I said above, concerts are a great excuse to get a little dressed up and experiment with new looks like diiiiiiiiiiis.

This top looks awkwardly long...but it's the best picture I could find.

One Response to “Protect your clothes from 8fest torture”

  1. aebrighter May 21, 2011 at 12:00 am #

    Glad you’re concert wear will require not being mosh-friendly, and can be style-friendly

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