Ke$ha Nails

24 May

Ke$ha, although insane, I find to be absolutely fantastic, hence why I dressed like her for Halloween and dare I say– it was a striking resemblance. It was kinda odd that I didn’t even have to purchase a single item of clothing to look like dis crazy bitch but anyone who’s anyone owns a huge, furry, cheetah print cropped jacket….right?

Twinz? Methinks.

But, anyway, this DIY was inspired by my friend Joc, who was rocking these fabulous pink glittery nails. When I asked her what polish she used and if I could borrow it, she told me it wasn’t polish at all and she did it herself. To get a super glittery Ke$ha nail look, grab some glitter, nail glue (ya know, the kind you use for fake nails) and a clear top coat and you are ready to go.

Create a little cone out of an index card and dump your glitter in it. Definitely go for a bright color, Joc and I both used a light pink, which is definitely fitting for the Spring! Next, paint one finger with your nail glue and press that nail down in the glitter, continue on to the following fingers while letting the previous ones dry. If the nails feel a little too scratchy, use another index card to flatten down the glitter–I would definitely do this because your fingers will get caught on everything: your clothes, your blanket and your boyfriend will refuse to go near uyou due to your “talons,” so flatten it out for sure! Once your nails seem dry enough, go over them with a clear top coat and you are done with some Ke$ha worthy nails.

Other cool glittery ideas for your nails are shown in the latest edition of Cosmo. I saw them in person and I must say, I don’t think my nails will be without sparkle for…the rest of forever. You can create a french mani, using a shimmer based polish as the main nail color and then a swipe of white polish as the tip. You could also just reverse this trend and paint your nails white and make the tip sparkle or as shown in Cosmo as well, create the tip using small glittery sequins and nail glue again.

If you have any fun nail ideas to share, post them in the comment box!

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