Braid yo hair (back and forth…?)

1 Jun

I know about every single one of us residing in Athens has been dying of the heat, especially those of you lacking AC or who unfortunately having class on the 3rd floor of Bentley. I know I have not been wanting to get ready or do my hair because it is so much easier to stay cool when it is in a pile on top of your head, these are the days where I wish I could rock a awesome pixie cut like my friend Kylie. Instead, I am left with what seems like 27 pounds of useless and bothersome junk pouring out of my brain piece.

This constant annoyance led me to search for a new way to wear my hair because the ballerina bun makes me  in particular look pretentious and short of chopping off my hair, I’d rather not collapse of heat stroke. YES, I’m being dramatic, don’t act like you’re not thinking the same way! 😉 But after blog and YouTube stalking, I have found a few alternatives, including the addition of hair accessories (like the headband I made in a previous post and a turband I have been dying to purchase) with a bun, pony, braid, etc, okay, even down if you’re a tough chick!

However, I stuck with mostly braids, because I am kinda inept at hair fun.

One of my  favorite ideas was the four-strand braid. And since I am NOT okay with putting myself on camera, I won’t show you how to do it, I’ll let YouTube and then I’ll just show you the final product!

I should not be allowed to use Photobooth

And the braided headband….awesome? I think YES.


The milkmaid.

Anddddd the fishtail!

(which I failed at….)

Any more ideas??

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