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City on Down

14 Jul

I have no idea what inspired my outfit but whatever, just kind of pictured it in my head & went for it. I spent the day in the city primarily for the free Ted Leo & the Pharmacists concert at South Street Seaport, which was phenomenal. Anyway, I crept around the city like the loner I am, discovered really awesome art prints by this fascinating woman, who used leaves and feathers to create little characters with cutsey names like the one I bought –“Sassy.” Oh & the best part of my day, an ice cream sandwich from Meltbakery–lemon cookies with blueberry ice cream, mouthgasm. They set up shop right under the High Line, one of my new favorite places in NYC.

Had to show off my buddy Elon’s hipster supreme outfit too 🙂

Romper~ Michael Kors

Head thing~ I found it?

Ps. This is by the end of the night so i looked a little rough and then decided to change my hair to Xena warrior princess status.

Used to look nice!

Sunglasses ~ Betsey Johnson
Shoes ~ Baker’s

Bag~ Artifacts ~ Athens, Ohio.

TED LEO~ love you?

I want this entire building to be mine, pizzeria included.



Pink Lady

9 Jul

Another dinner venture, which I so shouldn’t be doing due to my lack of funds, but hey, when in Rome….or when you really want something other than Lean Cuisine….

Since I do not know what other shenanigans we will be getting into tonight, I decided to go a little darker than my usual natural eye makeup. I seem to be getting better at making my eyes look less harsh by only using a fluffy makeup brush. I know there are like a gazillion types of brushes, but I’m all about what’s easiest.

squinty  cat

Black all over the lid ~mostly in the crease, Urban Decay Gunmetal all over the lid, smudgy black liner on top and a little bit underneath & a combo of LashBlastLuxe & Great Lash to make crazy looking eye lashes.

It’s somewhat rainy and chilly, so I need to dive into the awkward territory of shorts & a long sleeve top, but I think this works well….


~oh well, lazy~

sleeeeves, mmmm.

Meh, and the shoes… I love these. I don’t particularly care that this looks a tad bit wintery, me likeeeeey. And cheetah print shorts, hello, you’re fantastic.

Shirt: Michael Kors ~ Shorts: Forever 21~ Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklaces: Tiffany’s & Hello Kitty, because I’m 8

years old and just felt like wearing it…sorry for partyin? 


Twerkin’ On My Fitness

7 Jul

While in high school I absolutely loved long distance running, in the past year I think my brain reattached to the rest of my body and I realized, um, NO THANKS. But I do still adore working out and running, but not for 5 miles…well, alone anyway, give me some company and I’m all for it. For some reason my iPod doesn’t do it for me past a mile, sorry Gaga…you get old.

So recently, I’ve been trying this baby sized workout, which is seriously only 4 minutes long & really easy, but is making a difference, at least I think so! 20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds walking x8. Well, this along with what seems like millions upon millions of crunches &  at least a mile or two thrown in there. Hey, I’m no fitness guru, but at least I’m doing something.

Pretty much the only reason why I’m writing this post, is because I can’t seem to keep my hair in place whilst working out. The super high ballerina, messy bun I once heavily relied on, no longer does it’s job. The braid…always falls out. Then I’m left with this RIDICULOUS half up, sideways, mullet type deal. That doesn’t even sound possible, but BELIEVE me it is. So my genius solution….a headband. DUH Whitney. But no, not just any headband…the most BOMB ASS American Apparel disco queen headband ever. So sparkly. So perfect. I’m obsessed.


Middle part. Tight, Messy, Low pony. Headband letting pretend bangs peek out, over those, under pony. Wrap strip of hair from bottom of pony around the scrunchie & bobby pin. Takes .25 seconds and looks adorable if you are going to the gym or track or whatever after class or work & don’t feel like looking like a Fraggle.

lol. yeah, that also is my arm muscle, chicken wings. AWESOME.

OH. PS, everyone should invest in a pretty water bottle. Because why not have a kissy form of a rather mundane object?

KISSSES & thugs.

Floral Child

7 Jul

My buddy Joey, the most adorable creature on the planet, is leaving LI for Tennessee this Friday, which is beyond sad, so him, Sara & I went on a little dinner date like we have so many times before, ate until we felt death creeping upon us & realized that “hating people in the right places gets you places” or free chips & salsa in our case.


But because this was somewhat of a sad event & I was in a terrible mood prior to this venture, I felt the need to put on a cute outfit, do my hair & wear my floral print wedges from Forever 21 because they make everything in life much, much better….the cute waiter didn’t hurt either.


But I decided to go semi-casual with the hair, makeup and jewelry because this trio usually leans toward casual nights.. This means I actually blew my hair dry after the shower (& used biosilk, best. product.ever.)

cuzzzzzin it

and put on some yum eye makeup, just basic brown in the crease and on the outer corner, sparkly brown on the lid, sparkly eggshell on the inner corners & brow bone, black liner & black mascara–simple & took .5 minutes because Sara was waiting outside….oops?


So, wedges, jean shorts, lacy, flowy, off-white top, turquoise earrings. Casual & comfortable & perfect for a humid & unfortunately sticky Summer night.

Top: IDK what brand, but it is from ‘The Other Place’ ~Athens, Ohio

& my 'W' Tiffany's Lock Necklace ❤

Shorts: Forever 21

Belt: Madewell

Shoes: Forever 21 (judge me…)

Earrings: THANKS MOM…aka, I stolez them from her.


1. I have no professional photographer lover, roommate or anyone in my haus to take my pictures, friends, yes, but they are far away right now. Therefore, I will take all (well, most) of my pictures like a Myspace superstar. I just have a fancy camera because I don’t suck at taking pictures of things that aren’t myself….mostly my cats, because, they’re cute & have nice eyeballs.

2. I also am providing fashion for those of us on a budget. No Miu Miu or Prada in my immediate future. Some sample sale Michael Kors is about as high-end as we’ll go 😉

I’m back bitches…

5 Jul

Well, being back on Long Island is not as exciting as I hoped. I failed in my job search, so then I decided to sign up for Summer classes back at school which is rather exciting because I will be back with my chickies, my man piece, HOPEFULLY will have a job or seven and will be getting ahead on my journalism classes before we switch to semesters, HOORAY.

But for some reason, I have been severely neglecting my DIY and fashion duties. Ok, well that is kinda a lie. Since I have zero money to buy pretty new clothes, I started a Pinterest which is SO much fun and I get the satisfaction of drooling over pretty clothes but not having to buy them, smart, smart Whitney. My favorite board I created, relates back to my post about keeping your boyfriend from looking homeless, so it constantly makes me giggle. When it’s like ya know, like 4 AM and I can’t sleep as per USUAL, I just compile a picture list of all clothing items that would make me drool if any fella wore, weird? kinda…okay, WELL it is for a reason, because I can just forward it to Mr. Big (I’m just gonna go right ahead and steal that from Miss Bradshaw, because it is SO fitting) and he can buy it for himself. Perfect logic.

Anywho, I had the hopes of getting together tons of old clothes & selling them at my neighborhood’s giant yard sale, making BANK and then buying new things because I’m addicted. But the $16 I made for at least $300 worth of clothing, showed me that people are more interested in buying mismatched jewelry and liquor and rusty hand saws……weird, but true. This organizing did help me find tons of items that I can donate, bring to consignment stores (cherry red Doc Martens that were too sizes too big, you still make me cry) and like, uh, obviously ACTUALLY WEAR. It is a really good idea to set aside some time and look through everything you own, see what fits,  what really doesn’t (bye-bye size 0 Abercrombie jeans, good luck fitting on my arms..) and what you actually like! For example, I opened my hallway closet to find a plethora of typical “I’m gonna wear this to a Sweet Sixteen” dresses, ya know, like bright green and semi- shiny, ew. Okay, I don’t even know if that fits into the realm of the “ya know what I mean” statements, because it was just foul. SO something like that can be donated or to prevent someone from dealing with that oogly dress, use the fabric for a new project.

As for my social life, haven’t been going out much besides the beach(books are taking up too much time), so my outfits are lacking spunk and mostly consist of old lacrosse pinnies and shorts when I wake up late to go to the beach & can’t find anything cute, but my bathing suits are fierce! Uh, hi TARGET, I knew you were wonderful, but this salmon and semi- distorted cheetah print, v-neck bandeau is TOO much. And an old tribal print triangle bikini which I bought when i was like 15 now ACTUALLY fits, score one for me.

But in the world of art, I’ve been making more of those Wino bottles, due to the mutual Bacardi addiction me and my main girl Kerri have and yay, they are now for sale on etsy. So, you should definitely check them out, I’ll even make personalized one AKA let me make money by doing something fun:) I also found my Nikon charger, so expect pictures AND I’ve been drawing, so fun new pictures, which I will probably put on etsy as well.

( )

Take a looksie!

This one is my favorite. My friend goes through bottles of this brand like it’s his job, I mean, probably going to make his liver explode, but HEY, new craft materials and that label mmm, fantastic.

This is really all I have to offer the world right now, but more fun (and regularly updated) nuggets soon 😀