Floral Child

7 Jul

My buddy Joey, the most adorable creature on the planet, is leaving LI for Tennessee this Friday, which is beyond sad, so him, Sara & I went on a little dinner date like we have so many times before, ate until we felt death creeping upon us & realized that “hating people in the right places gets you places” or free chips & salsa in our case.


But because this was somewhat of a sad event & I was in a terrible mood prior to this venture, I felt the need to put on a cute outfit, do my hair & wear my floral print wedges from Forever 21 because they make everything in life much, much better….the cute waiter didn’t hurt either.


But I decided to go semi-casual with the hair, makeup and jewelry because this trio usually leans toward casual nights.. This means I actually blew my hair dry after the shower (& used biosilk, best. product.ever.)

cuzzzzzin it

and put on some yum eye makeup, just basic brown in the crease and on the outer corner, sparkly brown on the lid, sparkly eggshell on the inner corners & brow bone, black liner & black mascara–simple & took .5 minutes because Sara was waiting outside….oops?


So, wedges, jean shorts, lacy, flowy, off-white top, turquoise earrings. Casual & comfortable & perfect for a humid & unfortunately sticky Summer night.

Top: IDK what brand, but it is from ‘The Other Place’ ~Athens, Ohio

& my 'W' Tiffany's Lock Necklace ❤

Shorts: Forever 21

Belt: Madewell

Shoes: Forever 21 (judge me…)

Earrings: THANKS MOM…aka, I stolez them from her.


1. I have no professional photographer lover, roommate or anyone in my haus to take my pictures, friends, yes, but they are far away right now. Therefore, I will take all (well, most) of my pictures like a Myspace superstar. I just have a fancy camera because I don’t suck at taking pictures of things that aren’t myself….mostly my cats, because, they’re cute & have nice eyeballs.

2. I also am providing fashion for those of us on a budget. No Miu Miu or Prada in my immediate future. Some sample sale Michael Kors is about as high-end as we’ll go 😉

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