Twerkin’ On My Fitness

7 Jul

While in high school I absolutely loved long distance running, in the past year I think my brain reattached to the rest of my body and I realized, um, NO THANKS. But I do still adore working out and running, but not for 5 miles…well, alone anyway, give me some company and I’m all for it. For some reason my iPod doesn’t do it for me past a mile, sorry Gaga…you get old.

So recently, I’ve been trying this baby sized workout, which is seriously only 4 minutes long & really easy, but is making a difference, at least I think so! 20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds walking x8. Well, this along with what seems like millions upon millions of crunches &  at least a mile or two thrown in there. Hey, I’m no fitness guru, but at least I’m doing something.

Pretty much the only reason why I’m writing this post, is because I can’t seem to keep my hair in place whilst working out. The super high ballerina, messy bun I once heavily relied on, no longer does it’s job. The braid…always falls out. Then I’m left with this RIDICULOUS half up, sideways, mullet type deal. That doesn’t even sound possible, but BELIEVE me it is. So my genius solution….a headband. DUH Whitney. But no, not just any headband…the most BOMB ASS American Apparel disco queen headband ever. So sparkly. So perfect. I’m obsessed.


Middle part. Tight, Messy, Low pony. Headband letting pretend bangs peek out, over those, under pony. Wrap strip of hair from bottom of pony around the scrunchie & bobby pin. Takes .25 seconds and looks adorable if you are going to the gym or track or whatever after class or work & don’t feel like looking like a Fraggle.

lol. yeah, that also is my arm muscle, chicken wings. AWESOME.

OH. PS, everyone should invest in a pretty water bottle. Because why not have a kissy form of a rather mundane object?

KISSSES & thugs.

One Response to “Twerkin’ On My Fitness”

  1. rachoe July 8, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    lol fag

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