Pink Lady

9 Jul

Another dinner venture, which I so shouldn’t be doing due to my lack of funds, but hey, when in Rome….or when you really want something other than Lean Cuisine….

Since I do not know what other shenanigans we will be getting into tonight, I decided to go a little darker than my usual natural eye makeup. I seem to be getting better at making my eyes look less harsh by only using a fluffy makeup brush. I know there are like a gazillion types of brushes, but I’m all about what’s easiest.

squinty  cat

Black all over the lid ~mostly in the crease, Urban Decay Gunmetal all over the lid, smudgy black liner on top and a little bit underneath & a combo of LashBlastLuxe & Great Lash to make crazy looking eye lashes.

It’s somewhat rainy and chilly, so I need to dive into the awkward territory of shorts & a long sleeve top, but I think this works well….


~oh well, lazy~

sleeeeves, mmmm.

Meh, and the shoes… I love these. I don’t particularly care that this looks a tad bit wintery, me likeeeeey. And cheetah print shorts, hello, you’re fantastic.

Shirt: Michael Kors ~ Shorts: Forever 21~ Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklaces: Tiffany’s & Hello Kitty, because I’m 8

years old and just felt like wearing it…sorry for partyin? 



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