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13 Apr

I am the absolute QUEEN of scouring the mall and the wonderful world of the internet for the best deals, steals and sales. However, this led to an addiction to shopping online…especially during the drab winter months where every single solitary website seems to be advertising pastels, florals and everything that would make your day THAT much brighter and happier. But I realized how much more satisfying it is to make your own items to add to your wardrobe and living space, whether that be your apartment or jail-cell sized dorm room. If you dare to fight against the grandma stereotype that my friends constantly throw at me, you will find that it is beyond easy to spruce up your wardrobe with a little bit of time and a glue gun.

Along with my pathetic love for crafts, as a typical female, I also love new, fun hair and make-up ideas, but alas, my creative ability is incredibly stunted in that department, unless you count forgetting a hair brush and calling it a “beachy look.” This is exactly why I run to my friends who can teach me and therefore you, the art of beautification. And in return for those tips or in the case of my first “How-to” project, Miss Rachel Anne, Chipotle burritos; I share my fashion knowledge and become somewhat of a personal shopper. Although my style stops right on the borderline of outlandish (it has been toned down since arriving in Athens), as an avid fashion stalker, as I’m sure the majority of you Threadies are, I’m aware of runway styles and know they are usually too much to rock on Court Street. But it is quite easy to transform your wardrobe for spring with inspiration from these looks, shopping in your closet and some great D.I.Y. projects which I can’t wait to share with you. So for my first how-to, I will show you just how simple it is to transform your style from winter drab to spring chic.

In order to really revamp your look, you must think of what you already own. Chances are you own pieces which are back in style or if not, can definitely be mixed and matched to create an outfit which is all you. The closet belonging to Rachel, my example mentioned above, is quite similar to that of Taylor Swift..think Chuck Taylors paired with sundresses, mini skirts and cowboy boots…always with a simple silver cross necklace. Although this look is adorable and shouts spring and sunshine, this spring is all about bold color (“hyper color” as style.com puts it), lace and print, so let’s stay away from the plain sundress and head towards a bright and bold midi dress (the new maxi) or romper instead. Lace is always a perfect addition to a springy outfit, whether just as an accent or as an entire top. I recently bought a top (which was shown on the website – http://www.amiclubwear – as a dress…yikes) which is a dolman sleeve made out of white lace with sporadically placed roses. Sounds a bit gaudy now that I wrote it out, but here, picture proof that it IS cute and is simple enough to wear with a pair of jeans or for a night out.

Now for prints. I am always a sucker for cheetah and polka dots, so upon hearing those were some popular patterns for spring (who could argue with Givenchy and Moschino?! If you – you may be slightly disturbed) I was incredibly pleased. Now I can finally wear these!

Remember those sales I spoke of earlier...these are one of the many products of my interweb creeping..speaking of...most definitely check out nastygal.com..all types of wonderment awaits you.

But for those of you who are only looking to make a slight change, incorporate a less intense printed item into you look, like these wonderful shorts found at Dash.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

Well, I think that is enough fashion to numb your brain for tonight. Tomorrow I will show you actual D.I.Y. projects which will take your spring time look to the next level, without going broke!

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